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Prof French very interesting in terms of behaviours needing to be changed alongside other activity

Prof. Jeff French - passionate and engaging delivery. Interesting to be reminded of the psychology behind behaviour change and choice, and how this should influence our decision making in campaign planning.

Jeff French - always interesting to listen to as he is a thought-leader with great presentation style​

Prof. Jeff French, was very interesting, I'm interested in the academic side of social marketing and how this can underpin our planning therefore I felt this would be the most useful presentation.

Professor Jeff French was by far the best presenter for his simple yet insightful analysis of the ways to achieve behaviour change supported by clear examples ·

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and Jeff French session was best as this provided a useful overview of approaches and further reading. selecting the options from the toolbar.

Prof French was the most engaging and really helped to understand the different (crazy) ways of creating behaviour change.

Dr Jeff French ref the framework for delivering behaviour change was very helpful

Jeff French Provided us with full mix of interventions for social change and good case studies. Lively presentation style. ·

Jeff French perspective on social marketing was really insightful and interesting and made you feel motivated towards using social marketing in public health campaigns.

‘Excellent....most interesting module of my MBA so far... found every session interesting and of value’

‘Enthusiastic teachers, passionate about the subject, examples made everything come to life and much better than just reading a book’.

‘I am very motivated to explore this subject more and implement it in my work’.

‘Highly educational and informative... a good combination of case work, lectures and field experts’.

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