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Brighton University PGCert

(Lectures from Prof Jeff French)

The Social Marketing Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) will teach you how to develop behavioural change programmes which are based on an understanding of what moves and motivates people.

Focusing on the application of social marketing principles to the key health, environmental and civic issues in contemporary society, the course will give you the skills and confidence to plan and manage social marketing campaigns.

It will be of particular interest to professionals who want to deepen their understanding of social marketing theory and practice, and apply their learning to work-based projects.

The Social Marketing PGCert will provide you with the ability to:

  • apply social marketing theory and concepts to practical behavioural problems
  • demonstrate a critical analysis of social marketing strategy, both in practice and policy making settings
  • show competence in social marketing planning techniques and the application of behaviour theory in the area of health and/or environment to ‘live’ projects
  • manage the complexity and critical reflection required to apply commercial marketing and other management tools to behaviour change programmes in the public sector
  • specialise in health or environment social marketing practice
  • understand the ambiguity, unpredictability and complexity that characterise academic study within a highly politicised, complex environment.

This course is designed to fit around your personal and professional commitments. After completing a compulsory Social Marketing module you can choose to undertake a work-based project or pick further modules which reflect your particular interests.

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