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This three-day intensive course in London has been designed for people who want to understand the core concepts of Social Marketing and then apply them to plan, implement and evaluate their own behaviour change programmes. The course will be delivered with a global audience perspective. The content will focus on the application of Social Marketing to achieve behaviour change in a broad range of fields including health, environment, social justice, and social development reflecting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will explore the six core concepts of Social Marketing and how to apply them to a wide number of behavioural challenges.  This course will provide you with the skills to set behavioural goals, segment your target audiences, carry out research and develop interventions that can be implemented effectively and evaluated efficiently. The three-teaching staff for the course are:  Professor Jeff French an internationally recognised Social Marketing expert and  published author, speaker and practitioner, John Bromley, Director of the NSMC who has had over twenty years developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour change projects and John Landels, a practitioner of Social Marketing and the head of training at the NSMC.  The course will be highly interactive using tutor presentations, case studies, reviews and evaluations, Q&A sessions with tutors, research from live projects, films of social marketing projects and individual and group work. In addition, attending this course will also entitle you to:

·       A comprehensive on-line library of social marketing materials provided on the course

·       Discounts on attending the European Social Marketing conference in Slovenia 2024 and the next world              conference in Thailand in 2025

·       The online self-study Key concepts in Social Marketing endorsed by ESMA and iSMA

·       A copy of the book - Strategic Social Marketing Theory and Practice 


This new course will be one of the first courses in the world to be endorsed by the International Social Marketing Association and European Social Marketing Association.



Prices do not include 20% VAT

Low - Income Country Tickets**: GBP 399.00

Middle - Income Country Tickets: GBP 599.00

High - Income Country Ticket: GBP 799.00

Register at:



Covid-19 Resources



Effective Evidence Based Communication in Outbreak management tools


The EU funded ECom project brings together multiple disciplines to develop evidence-based behavioural and communication package for health professionals and agencies throughout Europe in case of major outbreaks of infectious diseases.


A compendium of tools tips and planning tools can be found at: 





European Social Marketing Association COVID-19 Best practice Guidance


New Books :

Strategic Social Marketing for behaviour and social change ( 2nd Ed) Jeff French and Ross Gordon


Social Marketing and Public Health. Jeff French



Why and how to develop more citizen focused social programmes.

What is Social Marketing and why we should apply it:





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